JGP HELLAS LTD has been providing the maritime community with high standard services with regards to repairs of main and auxiliary engines, stabilizing systems, hull and piping, passenger and crew accomondation refitting, as well as outfitting, blasting and painting on all types of ship, e.g. cruise liners, passenger ro-ro ships, general cargo ships, product carriers, LNG tankers etc.

JGP HELLAS Ltd. fuses the best in upgrading into creating a united work force to serve and satisfy its most demanding clientele. We hope that within the near future we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our exemplary work to you and to undertake your most difficult requests.

 Design & Consultancy  Accommodation Refitting
Air-Conditioning Repairs  Ventilation-Fanrooms
 Engineering  Piping
 Fire Fighting Design/Installations  Steel Works
Riggers  Electrical Repairs
Electronics  Fin Stabilizers Repairs
 Refrigeration Works  Grid Blasting / Water Blasting
 Painting  Tank Cleaning
 Insulation  Underwater Repairs
 Vacuum Toilet Systems Cleaning / Air Duct Cleaning