Design and supply control systems for stabilizing fins, suitable for any type of plant, both old and new building constructions.

CONTROL SYSTEM "PINFABB" is a ship stabilizer control system that reduces rolling to create a stable vessel for passengers' comfort.
It minimizes the structural stress and cargo damages, giving to the crew a smooth environment to work in.

"PINFABB" assures the maximum performance with the minimum waste of power and minimum fin activity. The system can be installed almost on any vessel.

The system gives a better control to the ship by enabling the insertion in the program of various personalized parameters pertain to each individual ship. It also supplies, besides the ship's velocity, position and course and a dynamic ship trim information.

The fins respond better to the operating needs of the ship, improve the security for passengers and cargo and a longer life is given to the ship's structure, especially to the mechanical stabilizing plant.