DMS' products are intended for use on three, four and five-star inland passenger vessels, cruise ships, mega yachts and ferries.
When developing our products, the safety of passengers and crew is always our top priority. All of our various bulkhead systems (BO, B15 and B30) have a certificate of type approval, just as does our B15 Class door frame.

These systems are assembled in the ship and thus involve custom fitting according to the situation in which they are being used; changes in design, whether they are required from a structural standpoint or made as result of new ideas generated by the architect or interior designer, can be carried out right up to the last minute.
This flexibility during the logistic process involved in building a ship is a unique feature of the DMS products.

Today's consumers are placing more and more demands on what they want in their surroundings. Combination in finished surfaces and good workmanship make consumers feel at home abroad their ship - a feeling that heightens their comfort and makes a considerable contribution to a positive experience during her travels.
This is the reason for being able to install the walls smoothly, without any visible seams and why so many kinds of coverings such as wallpaper, plaster, paint or other decorative paneling can be applied.


The DMS' bulkhead system offers you many advantages:

Fire safety for the end user

The bulkheads are installed seamlessly for an entirely smooth surface

The bulkheads can be finished in any number of ways: Plaster, Wallpaper, Veneer, Marble, Paint etc.

The bulkhead thickness of 70 or 100mm allows space for building in electric cables and water pipes

The bulkheads' dB value of 42-44 provides excellent sound insulation

The bulkheads are assembled on site, thus making it easy to make changes during construction without adding to construction time or generating high cost increases